Idea Girl, Graphic Designer,

Lindy Hopper & Scotch Drinker

Hello, I'm Thao Bui, a graphic designer with a strong interest in prints, advertising, and branding.


I have had the honour to work on a variety of both local and global clients including: ANZ, Standard Chartered, AquaFresh, PediaSure, Vinamilk, Desperados beer, and many more.


Melbourne-based, I have also lived, studied and worked in UK and Vietnam among other traveling for recreational purpose. Travelling is my great passion. Those places I’ve been to introduced me to new people, big ideas, and global concept that help to shape the person I am today.


At the moment, I'm freelancing and doing contracting work, available for hiring, freelance work, collaborations, or something in between. Shoot me a message with your idea, maybe we’re meant to be together.